A Survivor


Mdina, Malta © Steven Tilly, Google Maps

I am a survivor.

That’s good, right?

Everyone around me seems to think so.

Just look at what you survived, Girl.

Not many could do that.

I am a survivor.

And, I’m supposed to be thankful?

How does one become thankful?

A life, my life, forever changed.

I walk alone.

Not many could do that.

I am a survivor.

The road I walk is narrow

separated by walls of experience

contained within corridors of pain.

That’s good, right?

WC: 78


This is written for “What Pegman Saw” a weekly writing challenge that takes us to a new destination each week. This week, Pegman has taken us to Mdina, Malta…. If you’d like to join the journey and add your own tale of derring-do, find us at:


12 thoughts on “A Survivor

  1. I suppose it depends on whether survival is considered worthwhile. Sometimes being a survivor isn’t enough because surviving doesn’t always teach you what to do next or how to start living life.

    I wrote “The Downfall of Eva” this morning about someone who survived and thought she found a new life. It didn’t last. Kind of dark.

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  2. Powerful emotions in this one, well done! And a great perspective that I think a lot of people don’t get. In many ways, those who survive horrible things have it worse than those who didn’t, because they have to keep going on. And personally — as a “cancer survivor” — I would sure have liked to not have had cancer at all, that would have been a MUCH better option!

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  3. What a strong piece of writing! You vigorously question the merit of being a survivor, in a way that made me think about the value of that way of describing someone. A survivor. Do you think it would be far preferable to have no label? It would certainly seem preferable in some situations. Is there any merit for the individual in being dubbed a survivor. Will it help them recover better? I think some people use the label to access support networks.
    As you can see, the stimulus of your writing has got me buzzing. Great response to the prompt, treating the narrow lanes metaphorically.

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    1. That is probably the best compliment, EVER! Thank you. So often we label a person a “survivor” and set them up upon a pedestal, without realizing that they have just survived something… and that something could be very devestating, or traumatic. We then forget that they are human, along with all the frailties thereof, and therefore set expectations as to how we think a survivor should act/feel/express themselves. And that expectation may be completely off the charts in regards to reality. So, for some, yes, the label could help, but it can also hinder recovery. Each “survivor” is different. Buzz away, Penny, buzz away! 🙂 ❤

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